Miss Humblebee’s Academy – an award-winning, online and offline curriculum that prepares children ages 2 to 6 for kindergarten proficiency.

Includes free online lessons for children age 0-6. To access the free program:

  • Obtain a library card from any Mesa Public Library location.  All residents of Mesa and Maricopa County are eligible for a library card from Mesa Public Library. Bring a photo ID and proof of address.
  • After obtaining a library card, visit the “Resources for Children” page on the Library’s website.
  • Click on the Miss Humblebee’s Academy icon.
  • Two options will appear: Create an account or use as a guest. To track your child’s progress with the lessons, you must create an account with Miss Humblebee’s Academy. As a guest user, no information will be saved about your child’s progress.
  • Fill out the form to create an account. If you have multiple children using Miss Humblebee’s Academy, you can add each child’s name under your parent/caregiver account and will be able to track each child’s progress with the software.
  • Once the accounts are created, click on the “Get Started” button and you will see an avatar for your child. Click on the avatar to begin a skills assessment for your child.
  • After the assessment, children will be able to choose lessons, listen to music and play games.

How to use Miss Humblebee’s Academy