A few years ago, Mesa Public Schools reported that about two-thirds of our children are arriving to kindergarten unprepared.  Research shows that when children start behind in kindergarten, it is very difficult to catch up. Being unprepared for kindergarten has a direct correlation to children not reaching their full potential and not being able to earn livable wages.

Children with an early childhood education are more likely to start school ready to learn, read at grade level by 4th grade, graduate from high school, attend college, be in good health and find a fulfilling job. Mesa Public Schools asked for assistance from the City of Mesa to work together to better identify the problem and then create potential solutions.

An Early Childhood Education Task Force was formed and after six months of meeting and research they produced a report in 2016 that included a free, in-home early childhood education program. It was named Mesa K-Ready. The goal of Mesa K-Ready is to increase the percentage of Mesa’s three and four-year-olds getting an early childhood education from 36 percent to the national average of 48 percent.

Mesa K-Ready uses a combination of tools to build a well-rounded program that provides academic lessons, fun learning activities and family support to ensure success. The academic lessons are through Miss Humblebee’s Academy, an award-winning, online curriculum that prepares children ages 2 to 6 for kindergarten. Miss Humblebee’s Academy is FREE for all Mesa residents, all you need is a library card. The fun activities at our museums, parks and libraries allow children to experience learning with others outside of the classroom, giving them the opportunity to grow socially.  The final component of Mesa K-Ready is parent education where parents can learn how to help prepare their children for kindergarten.

In addition, Mesa K-Ready has a Very Important Preschooler and Parents (VIPP) program which is FREE for qualified Mesa families who have less and need this program the most. The VIPP program includes an electronic device, internet service, weekly mentoring and more.

Visit the Mesa K-Ready Service Menu for listing of all the benefits families receive through Mesa K-Ready.




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